excuse me miss, why so serious?


Some otps never change.


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Key: 今年、大きなことを感じました (This year I've felt a lot of big things)
Jonghyun: あっ本当? (Oh really?)
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Sin S(e)oul - Chapter 13 (AFF)
Pairing: Onho, Jongkey

Dedicated to those who have been waiting for five entire months <3

Am I the only one who is entranced by Minbulge and (strategically covered) Dubulge in the same gif moving their hips back and forth?


B&W JongKey fanart for my unni as a B-day gift 

130511 Dream Concert; watch the fancam here!

Minew’s sexual tension is almost poetical. Almost.

Indirect kiss. 

Idk what makes me squeal the most, Minew indirect kissing or Jinki flawlessly scoring Minho’s mouth

Sin S(e)oul, part two. coming soon. 

Minho: You did well

Onew: 괜찮아 (It’s okay)